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A Personal Trainer is an important key to you reaching your health and fitness goals. Hiring a Personal Trainer will help keep you motivated, show you how to work out safely, push your body past current limits and increase the fitness levels of your entire body.

vancouver personal trainer

Brydon at Lifestyle Fitness will work with you on a custom designed plan to get your body to where you want it to be. You could be a stay at home Mom that wants to tone up, or someone that is already pretty fit but needs to change things up a little, or maybe a fitness competitor that needs help with contest prep, or perhaps a guy that needs to lose a few lbs before the summer or maybe you’ve got a wedding that you need to look great for.

Lifestyle Fitness in Surrey was built by a Personal Trainer, for trainers and clients in mind. Numerous stations, and equipment ranging from battle ropes to kettle bells, free weights and universal weights, barbells, dumbbells, and more. All the exercise equipment you could ever need when working with a personal trainer.

If Surrey is a little far to travel to see your Personal Trainer, Brydon will also travel to your home, work, or park in your area, where ever you need. A traveling Personal Trainer with a great semi-private gym in Surrey? No more excuses that, “I can’t get to the gym”. The gym will come to you!

Whatever your motivation for hiring a Personal Trainer, give Lifestyle Fitness a call at 604-808-3467 and talk to Brydon, . He’ll help you get where you need to go!

Vancouver Limo Service

Need a limousine in Vancouver? Boss Limousine service is Vancouver’s top choice for quality SUV limo’s at affordable prices. They have polite, professional chauffeurs that are well dressed and total gentlemen. Boss Limos have a wide range of vehicles to rent, from a huge party bus, to stretched SUV limos to a well detailed Cadillac Escalade. They offer wedding limos, airport limos, graduation limos, nightclub limos, limo service to Whistler and more.

Vancouver-Limo-Boss- Limousine

As drinking and driving regulations tighten, more people are turning to limos as an affordable way to have a great time. Get 10 or more of your friends together, chip in $30 or so bucks each and you’ll get dropped off and picked up at the event in style and safe. No more worry about DUI’s or having a designated driver. It really is a smart way to party.

If you need a Vancouver Limo and aren’t sure who to call…Give BOSS Limousines a call at 604-592-2677. Ask for Bassem, tell him you heard about him from Best Vancouver Guide and he’ll give you 10% off!


Fishing Guide in BC

Need a fishing guide in BC? Salmon and Sturgeon Fishing guides from Fishing Guide BC will be quick to get you in the fish. Not only do they have a great track record for catching big huge Salmon, but they also offer a MONEY BACK Guarantee for Sturgeon fishing! If you don’t catch a Sturgeon with Fishing Guide BC, you will be given your money back!
Sturgeon Fishing Guide BC Fraser River

Give them a call at 1-855-633-3474 or visit Fishing Guide BC for all the details.

Vancouver Maps and City Guides

Vancouver Maps and City Guides are available at most tourist center’s but what about people that want to plan ahead? We know that quite a few people are going to come here for the Olympics so we’ve put together a list of different Vancouver Maps and Vancouver City Guides to help people plan things to do while in Vancouver.  Enjoy!

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Vancouver is a great map and guide to Vancouver. As with any Lonely Planet Book,there are lists of all the popular tourist attractions, as well as many of the off-the-beaten-path places to see. A worthwhile read for anyone coming to Vancouver

This Map of Vancouver by Streetwise is a no-nonsense street map of Vancouver. For those that will be driving around the city during the Olympics or vacation time, this street map will prevent you from getting lost!

Best Places Vancouver is a informative and this trusted guide that helps steer visitors to Vancouver’s best spots to eat, sleep, shop, and explore. Now completely updated with 70 percent new material, this edition features revised restaurant and lodging reviews, expanded coverage of the growing communities of West Vancouver and Richmond, and an all-new chapter on wine touring in the Okanagan Valley.

Best Chocolate Stores in Vancouver

Whether you are visiting Vancouver or are a native to our rainy city, we all get a hankering for chocolate now and again. Here we run down some of the best chocolate stores in Vancouver, BC where you can purchase chocolate gifts or indulge in gourmet chocolate delicacies.


BETA5 Chocolates – 413 Industrial Ave in Vancouver, BC

Best chocolates in Vancouver hands down. Not only are BETA5 chocolates delicious, but they are made by people that care about supporting local farmers and ensure they produce a product you can feel good about buying. As taken from their site, BETA5 Chocolates are, “One that uses the best ingredients we can find, in support of farmers and in the name of taste.One that goes against the grain, by recognizing where we stand in the global economy and by committing to making ethical choices instead of profit-driven ones.”

Support your local Vancouver chocolate makers and check out the tasty chocolate treats at BETA5

Lindt Chocolate Boutique – 701 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC

In this chocolate store you will find the famous truffle balls made by the Swiss Chocolate experts. Keep your eyes peeled for those elusive Lindt Chocolate Bunnies covered in gold foil, they’re usually only found around Easter time. Stop by their website for more chocolate gifts perfect for the fall season.

Mink, A Chocolate Cafe – 863 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, BC

If you go to a chocolate shop or store looking for the best chocolate bar there is then Mink is your destination. The chocolate bars here are like no others with flavours and names such as The Maidens(Tahitian vanilla in dark chocolate ganache) and O Canada (pecans caramelized in maple syrup in a maple syrup milk chocolate ganache). Check their website for the full chocolate bar menu.

Olde World Fudge Co. Ltd. – 1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC

This gem of a chocolate store is located on Granville Island. Go and watch how traditional fudge is made in a multitude of flavours some old favourites and maybe some new ones too (like pumpkin fudge or Oreo cookie fudge).

Whichever chocolate store you choose you and your sweet tooth will not be disappointed!

Vancouver chocolate store

Vancouver Electric Cars

Now that Electric Cars are being allowed on city streets, where can you go to find out information about Vancouver Electric Cars?

Mitsubishi Electric Car - Vancouver

Electric Cars Vancouver was created to keep you informed about all things relating to Electric Cars in Vancouver and all over British Columbia. They have electric car photos, electric car sales, electric car information and of course, all the electric car news you need.

Check out Electric Cars Vancouver for more information!

Best Christmas Gift for a new Apple Mac Owner

Apple Mac Owner? Know of a new Mac user? One of your friend just get on board the Apple Express? Here’s a great gift for the new Mac Computer user.

Mac Video Training, a local Vancouver Mac Tutorial creation company, has created some fantastic Mac Computer tutorials for new and recently-converted Mac Users. Covering everything from the basic operation of your Apple Computer, to in-depth tutorials on iPhone, iBand, iDVD, GarageBand, iPhoto and iTunes!

Give the gift that keeps on giving this season and make life easier for that new Mac user. Buy the Mac Tutorial Videos now or check out some Apple Mac computer training videos!

Best Vancouver “Best Of Vancouver” list.


Georgia Straight’s “Best of Vancouver” is the best Vancouver “Best of” list. Running for 13 years now, the Best of Vancouver edition of this popular newpaper gives readers the Best of Vancouver in many categories. Some of the entries are funny, some strange and some make you wonder who voted!

Here’s are some of the better entries. For the complete list of the Best of Vancouver 2008, click here.

Best place to Pimp Your Ride

Best Public Make-Out Place

Best Reasons to Support A Code of Silence on the Bus

Best Free Wireless

..and many more if you go to the rest of the Best of Vancouver 2008, by clicking here.

Vancouver Real Estate Market. The best place to read about the CRASH!

Vancouver Real Estate is going the way of our American friends. Inventory is WAY up, sales are WAY down and it looks like this will be heading in this direction for some time(5-8 years +/-).

The mainstream media won’t be reporting it as honestly as bloggers will, for one simple reason. They are biased due to the HUGE amount of spending that Real Estate Agents spend on ads. They last thing they want to see is what they already know to be true… The Vancouver Real Estate Market is crashing.

If you want a front-row seat to the carnage and watch the bears and the bulls battle(Not that is much of a battle anymore., Everyone knows what is happening to the market), then here is a small list of some of the better Vancouver Real Estate blogs that you’ll want to read. Make sure you take the time to read the comments as that is where the real action is!

Remember, in a market like this, it’s the best time to sell(if you can. Price VERY Sharply). if you are looking to buy, invest your down payment instead, rent a place that can house you for 5-8 years, and then buy when the market has totally bottomed out. It’ll be the best thing you can do for yourself if you want to be a homeowner in the next few years!

The Blarney Stone Pub. Best Vancouver bar to see a bar fight!


The Blarney Stone Irish Pub in Gastown

The Blarney Stone Pub in Gastown, Vancouver, has been around for over 30 years. With its cheap beer prices and college student crowd, its one of the best places to see a bar fight in Vancouver. The bouncers are untrained and uneducated, the management is generally clueless and because it is always packed over capacity so everyone is anxious.

There are some great sightlines throughout this old Irish Pub in Vancouver. If you stand anywhere near the railing on the balcony, you’ll see at least 2-3 scuffles every Friday and Saturday. My girlfriends and I went there last year and saw some nastiness. Even the Manager got in to the mix and ended up getting slashed in the head with a bottle, causing blood to go splashing everywhere.

The fake line-ups they have are very long so go early and get a good spot. The band is pretty decent and there are some good looking students that go there, along with quite a few skids. You’ll have plenty to look at until people get liquored up and the frustations start to boil over.

I’m not sure what makes people want to fight at the Blarney Stone. Could be the huge fake line-up they have. Could be the bouncers that treat people poorly. Could be the dancefloor being so overcrowded that people get angry. Or, could it be the student mentality? Who knows but I know that out of the 20 or so times I’ve been there, I’ve seen a fight at least 15 times.

I can’t lie. It kinda excites me!

So if you are someone that enjoys watching(or maybe starting) a good ol’ fashioned bar fight, I suggest you check out the Blarney Stone Pub in Gastown. You’ll have a blast!

Directions to The Blarney Stone, Irish Pub, Vancouver.